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State Road Health Office

School Nurse
Katie Vorndran RN, BSN

Health Aide
Tina Largey

Phone: (585) 217-5307   
Fax: (585) 872-7781
Office Hours: 7:15 am - 3:15pm

Attendance Line: 585-217-5306 

Welcome to State Road Health Office!

*NYS requires updated physical examinations for grades UPK, K, 1, 3, 5, and new entrants.
Physicals must be dated 9/1/2022 or later and signed by a physician.


Returning to School After Illness:
Student must be fever free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication before returning to school. 

Please keep your child home if they are not feeling well or have a temperature of 100.5 or greater (without the use of fever reducing medication). For specific illness guidelines please refer to the district Health Office website: Illness/Communicable Disease 


Food in the Classroom: Please speak to your child's teacher first. If approved by teacher, please contact the school nurse for allergen information. ALL treats must be store bought, unopened, have an ingredient label intact, and approved by the school nurse. NO homemade items will be accepted. Please see our district page for more information. Classroom Celebrations

Injury: If your child has an injury that requires PE and/or recess restrictions please send in a doctor’s note stating what the restrictions are and for how long they are in place. A parent note may be used to excuse the student from activity for 1 week only. Please use the following link for more information Injury/Activity Restrictions.

Medications: If your child needs to receive medications in school, please have your child's doctor write orders. This includes scheduled, as needed, and emergency medications. Please make sure you have a current doctor's order to administer with the provider's signature as well as a parent signature. Orders are only valid for the duration of the current school year. Medications must be dropped off by an adult and may not be transported by the student. Medications must be in the original container with the student's name printed on the container. Forms

Physical Exams: If your child has a well-child physical, please be sure to request a copy for the school nurse. NYS requires physicals for kindergarten 1st, 3rd and 5th for the 2022-2023 school year, as well as, any new entrants. A valid physical must be dated on or after 9/1/2021 for the upcoming school year. Refer to the District Health Office link for more info: Physical and Dental Exams

Immunizations: Your child must be up to date on all immunizations prior to the start of school in the fall. If your child receives any immunizations please ask for a copy for the school nurse. Refer to the link for a list of immunizations required by NYS for school attendance. Immunizations

Screenings: Your child will be screened by the school nurse during the school year for vision, hearing and scoliosis as required by NYS Law. If the Health Office has a current physical on file and the physician has performed the required screen, the nurse does not need to screen your child.

Field Trips: Remember that we need an extra labeled prescription container for daily medications so we can send medication on field trips. A school nurse does not regularly attend field trips, therefore medications are usually administered by other school staff if needed on field trips. Please refer to the District Health Office link for more info: Field Trips

It is imperative that school staff be able to reach you or your contact if necessary and that they be kept apprised of any pertinent medical information concerning your child. Please be sure to advise the Health Office of any changes in your child’s emergency contact/medical information that may occur during the school year. 
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