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Injury/Activity Restriction Guidelines

Injury Guidelines

No matter how hard we try to protect our children, injuries become an integral part of childhood. From riding a skateboard to playing a school sport, students sustain injuries that will sometimes interfere with their school activities. If an injury causes a student to need activity restrictions, the parent should notify the child's school health office. The school nurse will discuss the paperwork required by the school and if needed, the appropriate protocols that should be set up for the student's safe return to school. It is also important for the nurse to know if the injury occurred on school grounds or in school-related sports.

Minor Injuries

If a parent determines that a minor injury (such as muscle soreness or a scraped knee) requires a student to limit activities in Physical Education (PE) class for only a day or two, the student should submit a parent note requesting the restriction to the Health Office in the morning. The nurse will assess the injury and notify the PE teacher of the restriction. If the injury requires more than one week's restriction from PE, a note written by a medical provider is required.

Major Injuries

Any injury necessitating wheelchairs, crutches, slings, casts or more than one week's activity restriction requires not only a restriction note by a medical provider, but also a parent conference with the nurse before the student returns to school. NEVER SEND A STUDENT ON CRUTCHES TO SCHOOL WITHOUT FIRST STOPPING BY THE HEALTH OFFICE BEFORE SCHOOL! The nurse, parent and student will discuss safety guidelines, elevator passes, special fire drill protocols and/or the need for assistance with note taking in the classroom. The nurse will then notify the appropriate school personnel (such as the student's teachers, guidance counselor and/or administrator) of the student's special needs.

Head Injuries

There is no such thing as a "mild concussion".  Concussions can seriously impact a student's academic and performance.  Students may experience headaches, excessive drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, inability to concentrate and more for several weeks. Students who have been diagnosed with a concussion or display concussion symptoms will be restricted from PE, recess and sports according to the district concussion guidelines.


If the provider does not provide an end date on the restriction note, a medical clearance must be submitted to the student's school health office before the student is allowed participate again in PE class, recess or sports. A student will not be permitted to try out for a school-related sport until the student's health office has a medical clearance on file.


Elementary School PE Modification

Secondary School PE Modification (Generic)

Secondary School PE Modification (Sport-Specific)

Secondary Building Level Clearance (for students with  chronic health conditions, such as neurological and cardiac disorders)


Brain Injury of NY Website

Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion CDC Website

NYS Concussion Management Guidelines

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