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Webster Schroeder Health Office




School Nurse
Jillian Sweeney RN BSN

P: 585-670-5026
F: 585-670-5025

Kristen Myers Health Aide
P: 585-670-5023

Annette Rossotti Health Aide
P: 585-670-5024


9/1/2021  8am- 10am

9/7/2021:  12pm- 2pm

*Please pull your car up to the curb by the back gym entrance and call the health office at 670-5026.  The nurse will meet you at your car to receive medications.  


Sports Registration:
We have gone electronic! See sports link above.

Health Concerns: Please email me with any concerns you may have regarding your child's health. If you child is ill or injured and cannot fully participate in school activities, please have the doctor write a note for the nurse. Refer to these District Health Office links for more info: Illness/Communicable Disease and Injury/Activity Restrictions

Medications: If your child needs to receive medications in school, please see link above.

Physical Exams: If your child has a well-child physical, please be sure to request a copy for the school nurse. NYS requires physicals for 9th and 11th graders, but all physicals are welcome throughout the year!!  Refer to the District Health Office link for more info: Physical and Dental Exams

Immunizations: If your child receives any immunizations please ask for a copy for the school nurse. Refer to the link above for a list of immunizations required by NYS for school attendance. Seniors need their second dose of meningococcal vaccine before starting their senior year.

Screenings: Your child will be screened by the school nurse during the school year for vision, hearing and scoliosis and required by NYS Law. If the Health Office has a current physical on file and the physician has performed the required screen, the nurse does not need to screen your child. Parents will be notified of signifcant findings.

Field Trips: Remember that we need an extra labeled prescription container for daily medications so we can send medication on field trips. A school nurse does not regularly attend field trips, therefore medications are usually administered by other school staff if needed on field trips. Please refer to the District Health Office link for more info: Field Trips

Attendance Line: (585) 670-5022 The nurse does not take attendance. Please call the Attendance Line number if your child will not be attending school. If your child is ill for an extended period of time or has been diagnosed with a contagious illness, or is injured and requires modifications in school, please call the nurse before your child returns to school to discuss and develop a safe return to school.



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