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Vision and hearing screenings for grades fifth, third, first and new entrants are almost done! I have been checking:
            * near and far vision           *hearing               *color vision  (new entrants only)

If a student does not pass, I will rescreen them. If they do not pass again, parents will be notified in writing.

The health office has a new FAX NUMBER:  670-5932


New New York State physical exam requirements for the 2018-2019 school year are as follows:
Physical exams are required for students:

  • entering kindergarten
  • entering first grade
  • entering third grade
  • entering fifth grade
  • any student new to the WCSD
Physicals must be dated within one year prior to the start of a school year to be considered valid.
  • Health Office Visits. If you suspect your child may be coming to visit me during the school day and you want to be notified please send me an email ( or drop me a message at 670-4054. I typically do not call home UNLESS your child has OBVIOUS symptoms (vomiting, fever, ear infections, acute injury) that warrant sending them home.
  • New this year, strep throat now only needs 24 hour of antibiotic therapy before returning to school.

Temporary Activity Restrictions Due to Injuries


If your child is seen by a medical provider for the evaluation and treatment of an injury, a parent must provide the school nurse with medical documentation of any activity restrictions your child will have as a result of the injury (i.e..., PE as tolerated, no PE until after seen by ortho, upper body activities only, etc.).


Activity restrictions are not limited to physical education (PE). If your child is restricted from PE or limited in some way, those same restrictions will be applied to recess, field trips, intramural activities, and district events such as the Fun Run, Orienteering, etc. Parents should remind their children that their restrictions apply to all of these activities.


Activity restrictions must be followed as they are written in order to prevent further injury.  We understand there are times students are eager to return to full activities earlier than requested by their physician. The classroom teacher and school nurse can not make exceptions or modifications to these restrictions. Your child’s health and safety is our priority and we appreciate your support and understanding.

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