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Homework & Classwork at KS

One change you might see this year is less day to day work coming home.  We are learning that students will do better over time if they are well rounded not only in school, but in their whole life.  We are making this change to encourage you to have time together as a family, not focused on worksheets.  We always have believed that reading is the most important thing students can do, so now that is our number one school work priority at home.

Girl doing classwork.

We encourage families to be creative with the time that used to be spent doing homework, and even unstructured time is okay!  We want our students to develop their imaginations and creativity, just as much as we want them to be learning how to solve equations.  

Students may bring school work home to complete if they did not finish it in class.  They might also bring a special project home to complete.  Some students will have a musical instrument to practice, and others might attend a sports practice.  Mostly, we want students reading every night - and reading something that they choose.

Some parents have heard about this shift at KS and have asked for help in activities for their family.   This list is borrowed, with permission, from the Love and Logic Institute: FAMILY ACTIVITIES

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