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Special Subjects

Webster takes pride in the fact that students receive high-quality instructional opportunities in all subjects, including art, library, music, and physical education (PE). All students attend one of the above classes each day, on a rotating basis. PE occurs every other day, while students attend either art or music on the opposite days. Students receive library instruction once in a six-day cycle. Schedules of this rotation will be provided by the classroom teacher, or can be found on the District website. The teachers in all four subjects place a heavy emphasis on active learning, using the strengths of their disciplines to engage the children. Please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately (including sneakers for PE), and prepared (instrument, books, supplies, etc.), so that he/she is able to fully participate in the activities for the day.

Students in grades K-5 visit the library once a six-day cycle for a library skills lesson and book exchange. Library lessons are aimed at teaching students the skills they need to be lifelong learners. They will be exposed to a variety of information resources – both print and online, and will learn strategies to use these resources in their everyday lives. Multiple technology tools will be utilized during weekly library visits. Throughout the year, students may also visit the library with their class for specific research projects or on their own to explore topics of interest.

Band, Orchestra, Chorus & Intramurals
Fourth and fifth graders can participate in these activities.  Band and orchestra are held during the school day.  Students can participate in chorus, art club and intramurals after school.  A bus run is available for these activities.  Students identify their level of participation in the spring of the school year.  Students wishing to play an instrument must select between band or orchestra.  Students who choose to be in a musical ensemble will be expected to participate in all performances.  

Music Lessons
Fourth and fifth grade students who participate in their school’s instrumental music program also receive music lessons. Students attend lessons on a rotating schedule so as not to miss the same class time each week. Classroom work missed during instrumental music instruction must be made up by students independently. Children who take lessons participate in the school’s band and orchestra. All band and orchestra students are expected to participate in concerts. In the spring, third graders are introduced to a variety of instruments and given the opportunity to try them. This helps them to choose the instrument they wish to pursue in fourth grade.
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