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Building Our Students' Mathematical Thinking

Our Standards for mathematics require students to utilize thinking strategies, along with fluency skills, to solve complex, real world problems. Students are asked to build their communication skills to provide in-depth explanations of their answers. Students use a variety of drawings, games, and hands-on experiences to build their understanding of number concepts. In our Webster classrooms, students are also challenged daily to explain their mathematical thinking through discussion and writing.

Mathematics instruction is tightly aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Our students will be using Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math Expressions (K-6) as a primary resource. It is a powerful tool that helps students connect abstract concepts to real-world math.

Parents can help reinforce these concepts and skills at home by looking for “word problems” in real life and asking your child to explain their thinking through words and pictures that “prove” the answer. Ask your child how they know a particular mathematics equation is true when they are completing a homework practice assignment. It is important for adults to ask our children questions about how they completed the problem or why they decided to complete a problem in a certain way. In the classroom, students will be expected to explain their thinking clearly and to provide sufficient details.

Math Resources for Parents
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