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Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

Parents/guardians are encouraged to:
1.       Understand and support District rules and policies, regulations and principles of school bus safety.
2.       Assist their children in understanding safety rules and encouraging them to abide by the rules.
3.       Support safe riding practice and reasonable discipline efforts.
Parents/guardians must be aware of the dangers involved in and around loading and unloading zones, including the dangers of loose clothing, clothing accessories and other loose personal items.

Statistics show that more than 90% of student injuries occur outside of the bus and at bus stops. 
Safety is our first priority and by limiting the number of stops reduces the chances for increased injuries. 
Parents/guardians are responsible for:
1.        The care, supervision, and behavior of their children prior to loading and after unloading from a school bus.
2.       Getting their children safely to a designated school bus stop on time (no less than 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time).
3.       Getting their children safely from a designated school bus stop.
4.       Teaching, in conjunction with the school bus driver, their children the proper procedures for safely crossing the roadway before loading and after leaving the bus.
5.       Supporting emergency evacuation procedures.
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