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Compassionately Connected, Joyfully Engaged, Always Learning

One Webster Culture

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Webster CSD made a commitment to an extensive, dynamic strategic planning process 10 years ago that continues to this day. Strategic planning is spearheaded by the Webster CSD Board of Education and includes representatives from WCSD's community, including residents, students, faculty, and staff. Through regular community engagement surveys, valued feedback has resulted in a vibrant One Webster district culture that is focused on educating the whole child, preparing each student to learn and practice the skills and habits necessary to be Compassionately Connected, Joyfully Engaged, and Always Learning.

Following are WCSD's Mission, Vision, Essential Skills, Core Beliefs, and C.A.R.E. attributes, all the result of the ongoing, collaborative strategic planning efforts of WCSD.


We are a community of learners who nurture and inspire personal excellence, foster creativity and explore diverse opportunities, celebrate achievements and overcome challenges, and contribute locally and globally for positive change.


Compassionately Connected, Joyfully Engaged, Always Learning.


  • Resilience
    • Learning to grow stronger through life's challenges.
  • Perseverance
    • Sticking to it because it's worth it, even when it's tough.
  • Collaboration
    • Working together to benefit all.
  • Integrity
    • Keeping my words and actions connected to the best I have to offer.
  • Time Management
    • Balancing work and play for today and tomorrow.
  • Self Management
    • Knowing myself and all the different things I can do to be at my best.
  • Communication
    • Understanding what's important to others and how to share what's important to me.


  • Students First
    • Each student is invaluable.
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Growth is a process that involves risk-taking, making mistakes, and perseverance.
  • Exploration and Innovation
    • Creativity and discovery are inspired by asking questions where answers are uncertain.
  • Collaboration
    • We are smarter and stronger together.
  • Communication
    • Open exchange of ideas builds trust and confidence.
  • Accountability
    • Attaining excellence is a shared responsibility.
  • Fiscal Responsibility
    • Students are worthy of our wise investments.

C.A.R.E. Attributes

  • C = Cooperation
  • A = Accountability
  • R = Respect
  • E = Excellence


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