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Transportation Department
1000 Document Drive
Webster, NY
P: (585) 265-3840
Office hours: 6:00 am - 4:45pm

Picture of  Joe Pustulka
Joe Pustulka
Director of Operations



School bus transportation is provided to students in the Webster Central School district who attend both public and non-public schools.  The district transports approximately 9,300 students over 7,000 miles daily.  Our school buses travel well over 2,000,000 miles every year.  

Student safety and welfare is our primary consideration in the implementation of transportation policies and procedures. When establishing the approximately 700+ trips a day, we consider safety, economy of operation, and compliance with school time schedules.

Transportation Tips For Parents

  1. Students should be at bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time.
  2. It is the parent's responsibility to get their student(s) to and from the bus stop safely.
  3. Students should observe the same conduct on the school bus as they do in the classroom.
  4. Students should stay seated at all times and never put hands, arms, or heads out the window.
  5. There is no eating, drinking, or smoking on the bus.
  6. Students should cross the street or highway only when the driver has signaled to them that the way is clear.


Why is my child’s bus late?
Weather, traffic, maintenance difficulties and unforeseen incidents are generally responsible for delays in the arrival of a school bus in the morning and afternoon.  Drivers check buses before their routes and sometimes find mechanical problems that can cause delays and require driving another bus for that day.  Please know that we are doing everything possible to have all buses running on schedule everyday.
Why does my child have an assigned seat?
Seat assignments are a positive way for the ride to be consistent and safe.  This aids the driver with discipline.   The drivers have the authority to assign seats as they deem necessary.
Why can’t my child get off wherever they want in the afternoon?
To avoid a multitude of potential problems, the driver requires a bus pass from the school to alter the destination of students.   A driver cannot make the decision whether the student should be allowed to change their routine and get off with a friend or ride to an entirely different neighborhood.   This must be the decision of the parent/guardian.   This policy avoids confusion and the chance of students getting lost.
Could the bus stop/time change?
Possibly.  As we receive new data daily on students we may change bus routes to accommodate new enrollments, changes of address, over loaded buses, and timing issues.   Therefore we expect that while bus stop locations will remain relatively constant, bus numbers and stop times may change whenever a route is adjusted. 
Is there a lost and found?
No, articles found on the bus are turned into the appropriate School Building.  Most times, the driver of the bus will keep items found on board for several days in an attempt to locate the owner.
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