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Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival Information

Dear KN Families, Relatives and Friends (all who are dropping off KN Stars),

To help keep Klem Road free of back-ups due to the high volumes of traffic, we ask that you remember these important drop off tips:

  1. It would be helpful if adults who are dropping off make only a right hand turn onto Klem South Drive. Traffic is getting backed up due to vehicles that are trying to make a left hand turn.
  2. If you are the lead car when pulling into the loop, please use the whole loop and pull forward until you reach the cone.
  3. In order to be most efficient we are using the whole loop for drop off and are parking around 17 vehicles. We can not accommodate door to door service. Please have your child(ren) ready to get out of the vehicle when you get to your spot on the loop. Thank you for not stopping in an initial spot and then pulling forward to a second spot closer to an entrance.
  4. When leaving KN, we recently have been trying to use the main entrance as our exit to keep Klem South Drive as open as possible. Please continue to drive slowly and look for exiting directions from a member of our "Loop Troop/Valet Team."

Dismissal Information

Thank you for remembering to announce when you get to the KN parking lot (see map below). Those who are having trouble announcing, can roll down your window and speak to a member of our "Loop Troop/Valet Team" who is in the parking lot with an iPad. That person can announce for you. Our dismissal pick-up time is at 2:00 PM.
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