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Board of Education Roles and Responsibilities

The Webster CSD Board of Education is continually seeking ways to make clear to the community it serves what it is boards of education and their members do, and how roles and responsibilities are very clearly defined in order to create guidelines and expectations for all involved.


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On this webpage, the board seeks to clarify these important points. The information it shares and contributes to is due to the collaborative relationship that exists between the Webster CSD Board of Education and the Monroe County School Boards Association. 


We know that a proliferation of information has contributed to confusion and frustration, and we encourage people to refrain from taking social media at face value. Social media misconceptions often do not contain explanation or fact, and misleading information can be damaging to local communities. 

Answering some key questions is a good start* (please click on the question to see the extended answer):


1) What are the key oversights of a board of education?

The board of education is the governing body of the school district and is entrusted with the responsibility of developing policies under which the district is managed. Their powers and duties are very specific.


2) How does board of education service differ from other elected officials?

The board, like other elected officials, represents the entire community without reward within the limitations of federal and state laws and the regulations of the commissioner of education and interpretations of them. 

Board of education members are the ONLY elected officials that are required to attend six hours of governance and six hours of financial oversight training in their first year in office.


3) What qualifications do I need to run for school board?

Candidates must meet all the following eligibility requirements.


4) What are the key agencies charged with oversight of public education in NYS?

The New York State Constitution places the responsibility for public education on the state legislature and establishes the New York State Education Department (NYSED), headed by the commissioner of education for general supervision over the schools within the state. 


5) How has the pandemic altered oversight of NYS schools?

The governor took more direct oversight of schools through Executive Orders, enacted to respond to the “Disaster Emergency” caused by the pandemic. They have the full force of law and school board members and school district superintendents must comply


6) Why does it appear that boards of education always vote in unison?

A question that comes up at new board member training is why do boards always seem to vote unanimously in favor of the proposals generated by district superintendents.


7) How are the roles of superintendent and board of education separated?

The separation of boards and superintendents is likewise very well defined and is a relationship grounded in trust and respect.


It is our most sincere belief that we not only fulfill all of the above but do so rigorously and with integrity.



Webster CSD BOE


* Some information taken from Monroe County School Boards Association’s “Talking Points: Board of Education Leadership and Talking Points”.

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