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Latest Update from Superintendent Gumina

May 29, 2020
11:15 a.m.

Dear Webster CSD Parents/Guardians,

Thank you to all WCSD parents and guardians as you continue to support your children with at-home learning. Thank you for doing your “best”, whatever your “best” looks like this week, this day, this hour. I’ve said it before, but I want to say it one more time before our year ends: Own your “best”. Realize that this isn’t “typical learning” by any stretch of the imagination; this is “emergency” learning, and moms and dads across our community have been drafted into a learning plan that none of us could have ever anticipated. Again, thank you for all that you have done for your children and for our community. (OK, enough of the mushy stuff… here are some nuts and bolts you need to know).

During last night’s board of education meeting, the board approved two adjustments to the current 2019-20 school calendar. The new last day for all students, grades K-12, will be on Monday, June 15. The new last day for teachers will be on Friday, June 19. These are the only adjustments to the 2019-20 school calendar. Please watch for information from your child’s principal as there will be dates to pick up school supplies, etc. at each school as buildings prepare to close for the summer. The board and I appreciate the flexibility of the entire One Webster community as we have adapted to so many monumental shifts in our “regular” school year due to COVID-19 related closures. 

All WCSD households should receive two absentee ballots this week (ballots were mailed after Memorial Day) in preparation for this year’s budget vote and board of education election. As I’m sure you’re aware, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued that voting for school district budgets and board of education candidates will be by absentee ballot only this year. Per the executive order, all ballots must be returned to the district clerk by Tuesday, June 9 at 5:00 p.m. to be considered valid. If your household includes more than two voters and you would like additional absentee ballots, please contact the district clerk at or call 216-0001. If you have already reached out, there is no need to do so again. Video instructions for completing your absentee ballot may be found on the district’s budget web page, PLEASE NOTE that ALL methods of filling in the voting ovals (X, check mark OR filling in the oval completely) WILL BE ACCEPTED as valid ballots. 

All WCSD residents were also mailed a budget information page this week that may also be viewed on our district budget web page. Also, please be sure to visit our website for board of education candidates’ information at > Board of Education Candidates Election. Thank you in advance for exercising your right to vote!

I am thinking of all of you as we near the end of this school year. Enjoy the sunshine!


Carmen Gumina
Superintendent of Schools

* PLEASE NOTE: You have received a message from the Webster Central School District. Due to the time sensitive nature of the information, the message has been sent in English. Should you need assistance translating the message into your preferred language, please email your child's principal and he/she will arrange for an interpreter to call you back. Please include the best phone number at which you may be reached.

A Message from the Board of Education

April 25, 2020
9:00 a.m.

“I am always doing that which I cannot do in order that I may learn how to do it.”
Pablo Picasso

We hope this message finds our One Webster family well and coping with the changes wrought by COVID-19 as well as they can. We’re settling into this new reality and a few short weeks ago when we may have been shocked by lines of people wearing masks just to enter Wegmans, like so many other adjustments, we do what we have to do.

We are all doing things we don’t know how to do, and we are learning. We are inspired by the stories we hear of teachers and staff and how they have adapted to online instruction and devised creative ways to stay connected to their students. We are awed by parents who have taken on the role of educator and continue to support their children’s learning. We are proud of students who have risen to the challenge to succeed despite obstacles and disappointments.  Their motivation will help them grow in ways they couldn’t have imagined. Finally, we are grateful for the leadership and collaboration of our district’s administrative team led by Carmen.

There was no preparation for the roles we find ourselves in and we sincerely hope everyone can find the strength and inspiration to continue. Sunshine calling us outdoors is an immense benefit; people are outside walking and enjoying our beautiful community.

We continue to conduct the district’s business, and along with all the other New York State school boards, we await further guidance from the governor regarding the annual budget vote and board of education elections. The latest date of early June looks increasingly unlikely. 

Please take a moment to thank yourself for all you are doing, because it is making a difference.  Each day gives us yet another chance to persevere, to challenge ourselves to new tasks, and to take care of each other.  


Tammy Gurowski
Linda Dioguardi
Mike Alt
Sue Casey
Maria Rigillo
Jan Strege
Mike Suffoletto



Parent/Student Portal Remains Go-to Resource
During at-home learning, Webster CSD’s Parent/Student Portal remains parents’ go-to spot for information regarding their student(s). The district uses this secure, password protected, web-based program to send important emails, phone calls, and texts throughout the year. Parents may update their email information through the portal. For complete details follow this link.

Chromebook Support
Webster CSD students having issues with their Chromebooks and iPads can get help Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, 9-11AM at Willink Middle School, 900 Publishers Parkway. (Follow the signs to the entrance by the back loading dock.) Also, the Webster CSD Technology Assistantce site has many resources for General Tech Help, Student Device Repair, K-5 Instructional Tech Help, 6-12 Instructional Help, and Digital Citizenship Resources. For this webpage follow this link. If you have issues on other days email or call 265-6400 ext 2.

WCSD Offers Daily Meal Service
Webster CSD’s Food Service Department continues to serve drive-thru style meals weekdays from 8-10AM at the back gym entrance of Webster Schroeder High School, 875 Ridge Road. Follow this link for complete details. 

Fields, Turfs, Courts, Tracks & Stadiums Closed
Webster CSD fields, turfs, courts, tracks & stadiums are closed until June 30. School has NOT been cancelled. Please keep our community healthy by staying off school property. 

Work Permit Applications During Covid-19
School districts in NYS must continue to issue employment certificates to qualified applicants, including during school closures. During the period of school closures due to COVID-19, Webster CSD is offering online applications at this link.
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