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NCAA Eligibility

  1. NCAA:  All you need to know.  Sophomores can start the certification process by creating an account here:

Sports Recruiting Websites
BeRecruited is a great tool for student-athletes who are interested in playing at the college level. Users can create a free athletic profile to showcase their skills.
PrepHero focuses on the interaction between athletes and coaches.  It provides tools and services for students and student-athletes to help them develop their full sports potential and future academic and post-academic careers.

NCAA Clearinghouse FAQ

The NCAA has established a central clearinghouse to certify eligibility for Divisions I and II.   Here are the answers to questions frequently asked by students and parents about what they need to do to participate in college sports under this process.

Why do I need to register and be certified?
If you intend to participate in Division I or II athletics as a freshman in college you must be registered with and be certified as eligible by the NCAA Initial-eligibility Clearinghouse. Please note that initial-eligibility certification pertains only to whether or not you meet the NCAA requirements for participation in Division I or II athletics and has no bearing on admission to a particular Division I or 11 institution.

To be certified for Divisions I and II, you need to graduate from high school and have a 2.0 grade point average in the core curriculum of at least 16 academic courses (as defined by the NCAA) As of 2023, SAT/ACT is no longer required.

Division I
Division II

When should I register?
You should register with the Clearinghouse whenever you decide you would like to participate in athletics as a college freshman. It generally is best to register at the beginning of your junior year.  Although you can register anytime prior to participation, if you register late, you may face delays that will prevent you from practicing and competing.

How do I register?

On-line at the NCAA Eligibility Center.

What if I have attended more than one school?
If you have attended multiple high schools since ninth grade, each school will need to send your official transcripts to the Clearinghouse.

Are standardized test scores required?In January 2023, NCAA Divisions I and II adopted legislation to remove standardized test scores from initial-eligibility requirements. Check with the NCAA school you plan to attend regarding whether standardized test scores are necessary for admission or scholarship requirements.

What will the Clearinghouse provide to those institutions that are recruiting me?
The Clearinghouse will send your eligibility status to any Division I and II institution that requests it, provided you have given your permission on your student-release form for the institution to receive that information. Please note that the Clearinghouse will not send your eligibility information at your request; rather, the institution must make the request for that information.


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