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College Application Process

Schroeder CEEB Code: 335 853       

SAT - register online at College Board


ACT - register online at ACT

SAT Dates

Test Date 10/05         Deadline 09/06
Test Date 11/02         Deadline 10/03
Test Date 12/07         Deadline 11/08 
  ACT Dates

Test Date 10/26        Deadline 09/20

Test Date 12/14        Deadline 11/08
Remember to select 4 colleges to receive your SAT or ACT score reports!

     *** You will have the OPTION to send your PSAT, SAT, AP and ACT scores with your transcript! Make sure your scores are in Naviance - check them under the About Me tab - My Stuff - Test Scores ***

We ask that you use this format so that we can help you in case you forget how to access your account.

If the college you are applying to uses the Common Application (CA), please use it -
this includes the SUNY colleges  

  1. common app – you need to use Firefox or Chrome

Set up name and password as a first time user
User name: your personal email address - not your school email
Password: First initial uppercase, last initial lowercase, student ID# and two !! symbols

                     Ex: Me123456!!

  • Click the college search tab and add at least one college

  • Click the common app tab: go to the education tab and add Schroeder as your high school

  • Click the my colleges tab – pick any college then click on:

Recommenders and FERPA

Do FERPA release authorization

Check I have fully read…

I authorize…

I waive my right…

I understand that my waiver…

Sign, date and save

  1. Go to Naviance Student Naviance

Username: your email address

Password: student ID#

  1. Go to “College” tab and click on “Colleges I am applying to” and add your colleges.

  2. Click on the Match Accounts tab - enter your CA email address - hit Match Accounts tab – now we will be able to send electronic submissions – CA and Naviance “talk” to each other so they have to match

  3. Most SUNY colleges use the Common Application. Please DO NOT use the SUNY application.

  4. Monroe Community College applicants - go to to use their free online application.

  5. Complete “Transcript Release Form”.  They are available in the Counseling Center and outside of the registrar’s office. Our registrar is Lucia Potenza, 670-5010

      See back for Helpful Hints when completing the online common application



If you need a letter from your counselor, fill out the “bio for letter of rec” under the “About Me” tab.  For teachers, ask in person then request it in Naviance under the Colleges tab - you will be able to tell if they have been submitted.

  • COLLEGE APP PROCESS FOR PARENTS: - Wednesday, September 25, 6:30pm - 8:00pm at Schroeder HS


    1. Under the “College” tab in Naviance Student you will find a list of scholarships in the “scholarships and money” area. You can also do a search on and and scholar snapp in the CA.

    FAFSA  - get your FSA ID now; the FAFSA can be filed starting  October 1st - you will use your 2018 tax info

Financial Aid Night -- October 8 at 6:00 pm at Schroeder High School

Helpful info for completing various sections of the Common Application (CA)

Education Tab:

Schroeder CEEB Code:   335 853

Date of Entry:          09/2016                

Graduation Date:     06/2020


School Counselor Information: TITLE: School Counselor

School Counselors
A-Ch Ms Elissa Ostrander   585-670-5055
Ci-F Patrick Claire 585-670-5263
G-K Ms Marcia Enck  585-670-5255
L-Ng    Ms Martha Henry 585-670-5095
Ni-Sh Dr. Patty Cooke 585-670-5101
Si-Z Mr. Jim Barilla 585-670-5249


    Grades Section:

    Class Rank Reporting:  None                                
    Graduating Class Size: 355
    Cumulative GPA: this is on your transcript          
    GPA Scale: 100                
    GPA Weighting:  Unweighted


Current Year Courses:  Be sure to list all of your classes - both first semester (fall) and second semester (spring) classes and PE – you can only list 10 courses.

Activities Section:
You can add 10 activities - IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE TO YOU. You can rearrange the order.

Writing Supplements:
Be sure to complete the supplements if your college(s) requires them – this can be found on the Dashboard – on your Common App home page.

Early Decision Agreement – Be sure to complete the early decision agreement if you are applying early decision (ED); counselors will sign their ED form in Naviance.

You can only do this for one college if you intend to apply early decision.

Application Fees:
The first step is a print preview. If you are satisfied with the preview, click continue on the bottom and you will be routed to the school's payment page. Once the payment has been completed you need to sign, date, and submit.

Teacher Evaluation Forms/Recommendation Letters:  Teachers will upload these to Naviance

Counselor School Report/Recommendation: Counselors will do this in Naviance

Friendly reminder: 

Many colleges will still require you to send official SAT/ACT score reports to them - this will be your responsibility.


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