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Private, Parochial, Charter School Transportation

The New York Education Law requires that transportation be provided to all the district’s residents that attend a Non-Public School within 15 miles of their home, using the same policies and providing the same levels of service as Public School students. The district uses the shortest, publicly maintained, year round route available to measure the distance.

The New York Educational Law does provide that if there is an existing student living within 15 miles of the non-public school they attend, other students living in the district who live more than 15 miles from that school may be transported from a centralized pick up point. The centralized pick up point must be a school building in the district.

Any Webster student who would  like transportation to/from a Private/Parochial School,  must meet all the criteria stated in  New York Education Law and also be Registered with the Webster School District. Please click on the "Private, Parochial & Charter School Registration" link below for more information on how to register your student. 

A electronically submitted form "Private, Parochial Transportation Request" (link below) must be filed by April 1st preceding the school year that transportation is being requested for. This is so that your student can be included in the planning and budgeting for the school year that starts July 1st.

An exception is allowed giving new residents 30 days from the day they move into the district to register with the District and then  fill out and submit the "Private, Parochial Transportation Request",(link below).

The Webster School District is not required to provide transportation to Non-Public schools on days it is not in session due to emergency closings, scheduled breaks, and/or workshops. The Webster School District’s calendar is mailed to all private, parochial, and charter schools for you to refer to and is also located on the Webster's website. (link below)

Any requests for changes in transportation arrangements must be submitted using the electronic form found in the link below.
Only Webster residents are allowed on Webster buses.

To assist us in keeping our records up to date, please submit the "Private, Parochial Transportation Request"”  even if your child(ren) will not be using our transportation in the upcoming school year, indicating the reason.
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