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Moving within Webster CSD

Students attend the school assigned to their primary residence. Our School Locator Tool is available to determine which building is assigned to your new address. Proof of your residency is required for all in-district moves. The district reserves the right to investigate the validity of primary residences.

Steps for Moving within Webster CSD

  1. Provide proof of residency to each school in which you have students. This is required when the student’s primary residence changes within the district. Proof must be current and show parent name and address.  Preferred documents:

    • Utility bill

    • Closing statement, deed, mortgage statement, or homeowner’s insurance statement

    • Lease or current renter’s insurance bill (not auto insurance)

  2. Special circumstances. Provide one of the following documents if you are:

    • Sharing Housing:  If you are unable to provide proof of residency in your name, complete the Shared Housing packet with the primary resident.

    • Building a new house: If you are building a house, have your builder complete the Builder’s Certificate up to 90 days before you move.

      Purchasing a house: If you are purchasing a house, have your attorney write a letter, on letterhead, that includes your name, the new address, and the anticipated closing date up to 90 days before you close.

      Moving into temporary housing due to eviction, economic hardship, or a similar reason: Please contact the district registrar at or (585) 216-0029.

How to Request an Exemption

Exemptions require administrative approval. Submit a written request to your student’s principal. Exemptions are approved case-by-case and based on actual move dates. Final disposition in all cases is at the discretion of the Webster CSD Superintendent of Schools. Approvals include, but are not limited to, the following conditions: 

  • You must notify the district of changes in residence in a timely and good-faith manner.

  • Your student(s) remains in good standing, demonstrated by stable grades, consistent attendance, and appropriate behavior.

  • Your family provides on-time, daily transportation.

Move Dates

  • Move July 1 - December 31: Transfer to the school assigned to your new home address.

  • Move January 1 - June 30: Students may be allowed to complete the year at their current school.

  • Move January 1 – June 30 while in grade 4, 7, 11 or 12: Students may be allowed to complete grades 5, 8, 11 and 12, as the case may be, at their current school.

Other Residency Situation

If your child is moving to their other parent’s address, you must submit the following documents to your child(ren)’s school(s):

  1. Notarized acknowledgement of the change of address from the current primary parent.
  2. Proof of residency from the new primary parent.
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