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Clubs and Activities

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Art Club

Open to all students who are artistic, creative, and those who enjoy art. We will have the opportunity to expand their skills
through drawing, working with clay, mixed media, and painting.
Academic Challenge Bowl
ACB is an academic team competition for students in grades 6, 7, and 8, and is an excellent way to nurture, recognize, and celebrate the academic strengths of students.  Like sports programs for the athletically talented, ACB provides a competitive structure for those students who are academically talented.  ACB is structured similarly to Masterminds, the high school quiz bowl program. There are toss-up questions and bonus questions on a wide variety of subject areas. Matches take place after school at the designated host school. The season consists of eight games plus play-offs leading to a championship match.

Best Buddies 
Best Buddies fosters one-to-one friendships between middle school students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), in which they share interests, experiences, and activities. Students with IDD are often isolated and left out of social activities. Best Buddies help to create an inclusive middle school culture for all students in their educational development.

Builders’ Club
Spry Builders Club welcomes all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students to participate in community service activities! Builders Club is the largest community service organization for middle school students, with more than 45,000 members worldwide. Members learn to work together and develop student-leadership skills as they represent their school in the community. Spry Builders club is affiliated with Kiwanis International.

Chess Club
Interscholastic Chess provides an opportunity for students to test their skills in this game of logic and strategy against the skills of students from other schools. Spry competes in a 8-game season (scheduled concurrently with Academic Challenge Bowl). Schools playing in either type of league are all eligible for the post-season playoffs.

Computer Science Club
Computer Science Club provides a fun and engaging opportunity for students to learn the basics of computer science by writing computer programs involving familiar characters who perform different actions thru simulated pieces. The programming concepts that will be learned are what computer programmers use everyday and are the foundation to computer science.   No experience necessary. Let's start coding!

Dance Club

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Club

Drama Club
Students can audition for a part in our spring musicals each year. Rehearsals are after school and typically begin in October. The performances are in mid March but are subject to change.  If you have a passion for singing, dancing, or acting, please consider auditioning for our Drama club

Gaming Club
A place to come together to play board games with friends, fellow students, and Mrs. Piwko.  Connect with other students and make new friends.

GSA is a club where students who identify as part of the LBGTQ+ community AND their allies can come together in a safe and confidential space to support one another. This club's mission also includes increasing self awareness and providing education to Spry students and staff about issues faced by the LBGTQ+ community. In addition, there is a lot of fun to be had! We meet on Mondays in room 124.

Newspaper Club                            
Our Newspaper club provides opportunities for student to investigate, write creatively and learn how to layout our school newspaper, The Eye of Spry.
Meets: Monday's after school in Room 123.
Intramurals is an opportunity for students in all grades to participate in activities that are similar to those in Physical Education classes.  Students that are participating athletes (in season) are not permitted to attend until the season ends. Activities are after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:25 – 4:00.
Lego Robotics
Lego Robotics introduces younger students to real-world engineering challenges by building LEGO-based robots to complete tasks on a thematic playing surface. FLL teams, guided by their imaginations and adult coaches, discover exciting career possibilities and, through the process, learn to make positive contributions to society. 
 Middle school students get to:
  • Build, test and program robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology
  • Apply real-world math and science concepts
  • Research challenges facing today’s scientists
  • Learn critical thinking, team-building and presentation skills
  • Participate in tournaments and celebrations
MathCounts Club
MathCounts is ideal for students who have a talent and passion for math who need to be challenged.  Students will engage in exciting, "bee-style" contests in which they will compete against and alongside other bright, motivated students. At the local, state and national level, students win hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and prizes every year. Our MathCounts club will begin on Tuesday Oct. 7 and continue to meet on Tuesdays after school through our competition date in early Feb.

Rocketry, Aerodynamics, and Astronomy Club

Meet students in the Spring to study Aerodynamics.  Study and research model and paper airplanes.  Water powered rockets and model rockets.  Focus our attention to detail, fine motor skills, and reading and following directions with partners.  Astronomy - meet once a month in the fall/spring at dusk to observe our solar system and deep space objects (planets, Moon, open clusters, globulars, galaxies, nebulas). 
Science Olympiad
New York State Science Olympiad (NYSSO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of science education in grades 6-12, increasing male, female and minority interest in science, creating a technologically literate workforce and providing recognition for outstanding achievement in science and technology. These goals are achieved by providing opportunities for teams of students to participate in 22 regional and state Science Olympiad tournaments across New York State.
Ski Club
Ski Club is open to all students and provides an opportunity for students to ski at Bristol Mountain every Thursday with students from several local schools. Lift passes and bus transportation (coach bus) are part of the package. Ski equipment rental is an additional charge. Bus transportation is non-refundable.
SpryOnTV Morning Show
Our morning show is produced and run each morning by our students. Students that are interested will need to complete an application and be able to meet all of the requirements of our TV crew members. 
Student Council
Student council is our student organization that develops, votes, and organizes student events at Spry MS. This organization is responsible for voting on budgets that impact students in our building. Students are elected as representatives and positions are voted on among the representatives. Students are expected to attend all meetings are serve as role models for our students. Meetings are held each morning in homeroom as well as selected days after school.

WEB Program
Our WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) is our sixth grade orientation program. Seventh and Eighth grade students can apply in the Spring to be a WEB leader. If selected, students are expected to attend all trainings and WEB activities. Students selected are a cross section of the building and serve as role models and mentors for our incoming sixth graders.
Yearbook Club
Yearbook club is an opportunity for students who enjoy taking pictures, preserving memories, and organizing our yearbook. Students work with our advisors to determine pictures, layout and helping to select a theme for our book. Most of the work is completed during the day (study halls, lunches)

Yoga Club

Yoga Club is open to all students on Mondays 3:25-4:00.  We will meet in W17 as announced on the Morning Show.  Yogis should wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle.  Mats and props will be provided.  Students may take the late bus home.
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