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About Spring Recess

April 1, 2020
9:00 a.m.
Dear Webster CSD Parents/Guardians,
Governor Cuomo's office has announced that all New York State school districts are expected to provide continued instruction for students, meals, and child care during what was previously scheduled as Spring Recess, April 6-10. Also confirmed by the New York State Department of Education earlier this week, failure to provide this and other identified services will likely result in a loss of state aid. Therefore, Webster Central School District will NOT have a Spring Recess next week as planned, April 6-10. 
Webster CSD is trying to be respectful of your time as a family and of the need for everyone to support their families and observe religious holidays. With that in mind, please note that your children will continue to receive learning opportunities in a variety of formats. The activities and experiences will honor our need for providing continuous instruction, but may look different given the nature of the week. Activities will likely be more project-based and flexible as we prepare for increased opportunities to begin on Monday, April 13.
I know this is a stressful time for all of our families as information related to the coronavirus continues to change on a daily basis. My goal is to keep you updated with the latest guidelines, recommendations, and directives that all districts receive from New York State. Webster CSD will communicate how it will be providing additional guidance and new educational materials to families by the end of this week. To that end, the district will be providing iPads and Chromebooks for at-home learning opportunities for all K-5 students. Those devices will be handed out drive-thru style next week (Tuesday, April 7-Thursday, April 9) at each of our seven elementary schools. More detailed information will be sent to families on Thursday morning. Updates will also continue to be posted on this web page.
Above all, we are here to support our families and your children however we can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your building principals with any questions. Together, we are working through an unprecedented time in our collective history. I’m thankful for our families’ continued patience, outreach, and concern for the students whom we all love and serve.
Carmen Gumina
Superintendent of Schools
#WeWillGetThroughThis #WashYourHands #SocialDistancing

* PLEASE NOTE: You have received a message from the Webster Central School District. Due to the time sensitive nature of the information, the message has been sent in English. Should you need assistance translating the message into your preferred language, please email your child's principal and he/she will arrange for an interpreter to call you back. Please include the best phone number at which you may be reached.

A Message from the Board of Education

April 2, 2020
10:30 a.m.

Dear One Webster Families,
Unprecedented must already be the word of 2020; there isn’t a newscast spoken or article written that doesn’t reference this ubiquitous word. A pandemic has swept across our world leaving in its wake devastation, loss, hardship and fear. It’s also created compassion, creativity, commitment to creating a “new normal”, and hope.
Our school system is arguably the underpinning of our local community and its upset reverberates throughout all of Webster. Economically, socially, and psychologically, we experience this enormous fallout. We patiently await notice that our community has recovered from the threat of the spread of the coronavirus and can return to normal. Until then we persevere through the essential challenges before us.
What truly is essential? We are. The relationships, bonds, and responsibilities we have to each other and to our community’s children. The stories of generosity and gratitude, the efforts to care for those on the front lines... whether delivering learning devices to students or food to families. 
The seismic shift in instruction, and the preparation behind it, is an invaluable part of what we can expect in the next weeks. Perhaps it is the need to connect that fuels the ingenuity and creativity in adapting to online learning platforms, but we are immensely grateful to teachers and staff for their work. In turn we hope students and families do their best to participate and grow from this unprecedented event.
We will recover and return to normal. Vacations and trips long planned and anticipated will be rescheduled when it’s safe to do so. Plans for seniors, sports, and missed educational opportunities will be planned and embraced, and together we will breathe a collective sigh of relief.
We will get there together is another phrase heard repeatedly, but we need to believe it.

Tammy Gurowski
Linda Dioguardi
Mike Alt
Sue Casey
Maria RIgillo
Janis Strege
Mike Suffoletto

K-5 Device Deployment
Webster CSD Tech Services is deploying iPads and Chromebooks for ALL of our One Webster K-5 students who need them (including those who didn't participate in the survey) in a drive-thru experience for all families. Please follow this link to read the News story. 

Chromebook Support
Webster CSD secondary students having issues with their Chromebooks can get help Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, 9-11AM at Schroeder's front entrance. If you have issues on other days email or call 265-6400 ext 2.

Work Permit Applications During Covid-19
School districts in NYS must continue to issue employment certificates to qualified applicants, including during school closures. During the period of school closures due to COVID-19, Webster CSD is offering online applications at this link.
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