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State Road Health Office

School Nurse
Christine Derks, RN BS MHA

Phone: (585) 217-5307   
Fax: (585) 872-7781
Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 3:30

Attendance Line: 585-217-5306 

December Health Office News!

The Health office is seeing a variety of illness this month. Respiratory illness with cough and sore throats and headache have been common, along with the 24-48 hour stomach bug. 

Fall/Winter Health Guidance for Cold Weather:

Outdoor Recess is a part of the daily routine for State Road Elementary Students. Serious Health problems can result from prolonged exposure to the cold. Protection form cold is consistent with the amount and type of clothing a child wears. Please make sure your children are dressed appropriately for the weather.
In cold/rainy or snowy weather, boots, hat, mittens/gloves & a scarf or other face covering with winter weight jacket is appropriate for all children. Recess for elementary students is generally limited when wind chill is less than +20°F. 

Bus Ride Don’t forget the bus ride! On a cold day it takes a long time for the bus to heat up! Each stop the doors open and cold air enters which means the bus ride will be cold and your child needs to be dressed appropriately for the weather.

Holiday Stress

While we think of the holidays as a happy, exciting, and enjoyable time of year, they also can be stressful for adults and children alike. As tempting as it may be to accept every invitation from friends and family, try to limit your holiday parties and activities so that you and your child are not overwhelmed. A couple of events a week may be fine, but having an obligation every day can lead to holiday stress and anxiety in children.

Tips: How to Prevent Holiday Stress and Anxiety in Children (From How to Prevent Holiday Stress and Anxiety in Children by Katherine Lee)

  • Set up conditions for good behavior

  • Remember the importance of routines

  • Watch what they are eating

  • Avoid over scheduling

  • Schedule some quiet time

  • Remind our child and yourself what the holidays are about.

Web Resources

Attendance Line: 585-217-5306 Please call the attendance line number if you child will not be attending school or needs to leave school early. If your child is ill for an extended period of time, has been diagnosed with strep throat, contagious illness, or requires in school modifications, please contact the school nurse to discuss a plan for return to school.

The Health Office promotes and protects the health of State Road students through a positive, constructive school health and education program. Please contact me with any Health Concerns you may have regarding your child’s health. We can set up an appointment to discuss these concerns before your child starts school in September. If your child is ill or injured and cannot fully participate in school activities, please have the doctor write a note for the nurse. Refer to these District Health Office links for more information: Illness/Communicable Disease and Injury/Activity Restrictions

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ATTENTION Parents of State Road Students:
Image of Children's faces - Cartoon

It is imperative that school staff be able to reach you or your contact if necessary and that they be kept apprised of any pertinent medical information concerning your child. Please be sure to advise the Health Office of any changes in your child’s emergency contact/medical information that may occur during the school year. 

Please let us know of any allergies your child has. If your child has a serious allergy (e.g., latex allergy, food allergy) that may be affected by school activities or programs it is your responsibility to inform the School Nurse, and the child’s teacher so that appropriate accommodations can be made. When necessary, a sign noting a student’s allergy will be posted on the outside of his/her classroom door (e.g., “Food Allergy Inside”). Please educate yourself regarding any allergies in your child’s class.

Immunizations must be up to date within 14 days of starting school. If your child receives any immunizations please ask for a copy for the school nurse. Refer to the link above for a list of immunizations required by NYS for school attendance.

Field Trips
A school nurse does not regularly attend field trips.  If your child requires medication to be given, they will be administered by other school staff. Please refer to the District Health Office link for more information:  Field Trips

According to New York State law, any medications administered at school (prescription and over-the-counter medications) require written permission from both a physician and a parent/guardian. If your child needs to receive medications in school, please have your child’s physician write the medication orders.  All medications must be brought to school by an adult, in the original container, and parent/guardian written permission will be obtained for the medication administration.

Physicals and Screenings
Physicals completed by a doctor are required for new students and all students entering Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd and 5th grades. New York State requires they be on file in the Health Office within 30 days of the new school year or admittance to school for new students. The physical must be dated on or after September 1st, 2017 to be acceptable for the 2018-2019 school years.  Your physician may also fax physical information directly to State Road Health office @ 585-872-7781. More information can be found at the District Health Office Link : Physical and Dental Exams

Vision/Hearing and height and weight screenings are performed yearly in the school for grades K-5.  Students in fifth grade are screened for scoliosis. If the Health office has a current physical on file and the physician has performed the required screen, usually during the Well Child Checks, the nurse does not need to screen your child. If your child is screened at school, you will be notified if there are any concerns about screening results.

Physical Education Excuses
All students are expected to participate in physical education classes. Gym excuses from the Medical Doctor must be submitted in writing to the School Nurse . A physician’s statement is required if your child will miss two or more physical education classes, or will have limitations due to illness or injury. A student who has been excused from physical education will not be permitted to participate in recess or after-school sport until they resume clearance by the physician for regular participation in the physical education program. 

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Nurse Newsletters
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