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Library Media Center

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Patricia Warren - Librarian
P:  (585) 670-8037

Kathy Dummer - Teaching Assistant
P:  (585) 670-8038


The Thomas Library is open daily from 7:00-2:25 and, most days, after school until 3:25. Students are welcome to check out as many books as they can carry. The loan period is four weeks.

In today's fast-paced world, information is delivered in so many formats that editing for reliability is often sacrificed. It is our goal to help you learn to determine if a source is accurate and from a trustworthy source.
What Makes Real News Real?
  1. Real news is presented by real news sources. Check your news source for a code of ethics or a mission statement.

  2. Real news is written by reporters with degrees in journalism and, often, in fields in which they write.

  3. The primary goal of real news is to inform. If you're mad, scared, furious or anxious, you will want to investigate the article's claims further.

  4. Real news can be verified. You should be able to find reports, statistics, and other real news articles that support what you're reading.

What Makes a News Story Fake?
  1.  It Can't Be verified: A fake news article may or may not have links in it tracing its sources; if it does, these links may not lead to articles outside of the site's domain or may not contain information pertinent to the article topic.

  2. Fake News Appeals to Emotion: Fake news plays on your feelings - it makes you angry or happy or scared. This is to ensure you won't do anything as pesky as fact-checking.

  3. Authors Usually Aren't Experts: Most authors aren't even journalists, but paid trolls.

  4. It Can't Be Found Anywhere Else: If you look up the main idea of a fake news story, you might not find any other news outlets (real or not) reporting on the issue.

  5. Fake News Comes from Fake Sites: Did your article come from Or These and a host of other URLs are fake news sites. 

*Fake News Guide used with permission by creator KT Lowe of Indiana University East. For more information on fake news, visit KT Lowe's site.
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