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Webster Central School District is responsible for some costs associated with students who live in the school district but attend a private, parochial or charter school. Therefore, a brief registration form and proof of residency are required. This paperwork is necessary with or without a request for transportation. 

Complete registration paperwork is necessary for the following situations:

  • Students currently attending a private, parochial or charter school who have moved into the Webster Central School District.
  • Students who live within the Webster Central School District and are enrolling in Kindergarten or another grade for the first time (even if the student has siblings attending the same school).
  • Students who move to another address within Webster Central School District while attending a private, parochial or charter school.
If there are no changes to residency, registration paperwork does not need to be submitted annually.

Important:  Students can only be registered in one district.  Parents who live in different school districts need to register in the district in which their student primarily lives.  Transportation, if requested, will only be provided by that district and only within that district.

The Private, Parochial or Charter School Registration form is attached, below.  A link to the "Private, Parochial or Charter School Transportation Application", accessed from the Transportation webpage, is also provided. 

Registration questions:  (585)216-0029
Transportation questions:  (585)265-3840


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