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Webster CSD's new start and end times for all 11 schools begin on Thursday, September 5.
See your child(ren)'s school website(s) for details.

Fourth Grade

Directions to access the HMH Player App at home. 

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This page provides PDFs of the Student Homework and Remembering pages.  There are also answer keys provided. The password for this page is Gumina.
Accessible Algorithms
If you are saying, "I never learned it this way," this page will demonstrate and explain the algorithms that students will learn for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  These files also connect these "new" ways of doing the math with the traditional algorithms that many parents remember.
This link provides family friendly explanations of the mathematics being taught throughout each unit. Often times these letters include questions to ask your child and how to help your child with their math.
This link provides one page summaries of the learning for each unit in Math Expressions.

Math Expressions Videos

These videos provided by the publisher are intended for teachers as professional development on some of the mathematics.  Many of the videos are great tutorials on some of the ways that students are solving problems and give parents and insight into what is being taught in the classroom and how it is being taught. The password for this page is Gumina. 

Research and Math Background
This page has files for each unit that provide the research used in writing the unit as well as the mathematical background for the unit.  This can be a great resource for parents to see how this unit connects with instruction from previous units and years.

External Math Sites
This is a list of external sites that students and parents can access from home for reteaching and enriching instruction.

Problem Types
Common ways your students will see problems that may be different from how you saw them as a student.

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