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Advocacy Link Lets Your Voice Be Heard by Legislators

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Webster Central School District has a new Advocacy page;  let your voices be heard by our legislators! Check out the Advocacy quick link on the upper left side of the district's web site, or  click here read more...

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Webster Schroeder HS


Principal Joseph Pustulka                                                                      

Welcome to the Webster Schroeder High School Homepage.  Please take a moment to explore our school's many offerings and opportunities for our students.  If you would like to receive weekly newsletter updates on the many events and student accomplishments, please subscribe to the Principal's Newsletter on the link below.  

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The school counselors are in the Counseling, College and Career Center. They are split alphabetically as follows:

(9th A - Ch) & (10th - 12th A-C) -- Monica Icone    670-5055   
(9th Ci - F) & 10th - 12Th D-G) -- Ty Lambert       670-5263
(9th G-K) & (10th - 12thy H-L) -- Marcia Enck      670-5255
(9th L - Ng & ESOL) & (10th-12th M-O) -- Martha Henry    670-5095
(9th Ni-Sh) & 10th-12th P-Sh) -- Marsha Lenzi     670-5101
(9-12 Si-Z & Foreign Exchange students) -- Jim Barilla          670-5249
GOAL -- John Specksgoor  

The Assistant Principals are split alphabetically as follows:

GOAL -- Diane Barone                  670-5265  (Mrs. Villamil)

A – E -- Rebecca Saiff                670-5137  (Mrs. Newman)

F – L --  Patrick Grow                 670-5069  (Mrs. Hann)

M – R -- Jeremy McBride             670-5098  (Mrs. Potenza)

S – Z -- Jacqueline Goodwine     670-5094  (Mrs. Mastowski)


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