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Health & Wellness

Webster Central School District Board of Education adopted Wellness Policy 5170 on September 21, 2006.

The Webster Central School District is committed to providing a school environment that promotes children’s health, well-being, and their ability to learn by fostering healthy eating and physical activity. 

This school board policy focuses on three areas under the schools' purview:

  • Nutrition Education 
  • Nutrition (ie school lunches)
  • Physical Activity

Keeping in mind that our students spend one third of their time for 180 days per year in the schools, it is incumbent upon parents and the community to provide opportunities for a variety of healthy activities.

Please see Related Files, Related Links and Related Pages listed below for further information in these policy focus areas.

Specific questions should be referred to your student's building principal.


Nutrition Nuggets

Visit the Nutrition Nuggets Newsletter (School years 2007/8-2011/12) for suggestions on healthy nutrition and physical activity.  Click on Nutrition Nuggets Newsletter above, or see Nutrition Nuggets in the sidebar under WHEN.


Substance Abuse Information

Pamphlets for students and parents are available in all the secondary school health offices on a variety of alcohol and substance abuse topics.  Drop in & browse


This webpage is not an exhaustive list of resources for teachers and parents, but rather highlights what is available already through the website and other Internet sources.

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