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Name Location Job Position Phone Email (@webstercsd.org)
Abbe, Tammy Webster Thomas HS Teacher (585) 670-8000 Tammy_Abbe
Abel, Paula Webster Thomas HS Teacher (585) 670-8000 paula_abel
Ackerman, Kameron DeWitt Road Elementary Cleaner (585) 671-0710 Kameron_Ackerman
Adas, Donna Willink Middle School Teaching Assistant (585) 670-1030 Donna_Adas
Aderman, Margaret Webster Schroeder HS Assistant Director of Food Services (585) 670-5103 peg_aderman
Ahlquist, Gregory Webster Thomas HS Teacher (585) 670-8000 Greg_Ahlquist
Ahmed, Richard Transportation Bus Driver (585) 265-3840
Alaimo, Lisa Klem North Elementary Teacher Aide (585) 872-1770 Lisa_Alaimo
Alaimo, Margaret Spry Middle School Secretary (585) 216-0044 Peggy_Alaimo
Alaimo, Stephanie Webster Community Programs Continuing Education (585) 670-5039 Stephanie_Alaimo
Albano, Gina Transportation Bus Driver (585) 265-3840
Albright, Cindy Spry Middle School Secretary (585) 216-0096 Cindy_Albright
Alexander, Karen Willink Middle School Teacher (585) 670-1030 Karen_Alexander
Alldredge, Christina Klem North Elementary Teacher (585) 872-1770 Christina_Alldredge
Allen, David Transportation Bus Driver (585) 265-3840
Allen, Jennifer Spry Middle School Teacher (585) 265-6500 Jennifer_Allen
Allis, Dennis Transportation Bus Driver (585) 265-3840
Allocco, Janice Klem South Elementary Teacher (585) 872-1320 janice_allocco
Alvaro, Diana Plank South Elementary Teacher (585) 671-3190 Diana_Alvaro
Amann, Laura Webster Thomas HS Food Service Helper (585) 670-8000
Ambler, Leslie Klem North Elementary Teacher (585) 872-1770 Leslie_Ambler
Ambler, William Schlegel Road Elementary Teacher (585) 265-2500 William_Ambler
Amoroso, Gina Schlegel Road Elementary Teacher Aide (585) 265-2500 Gina_Amoroso
Amoroso III, Salvatore Transportation Bus Mechanic (585) 265-3840
Anderson, Brianne Transportation Bus Monitor (585) 265-3840
Anderson, Jamie Spry Middle School Teacher (585) 265-6500 jamie_anderson
Anderson, Robert Transportation Bus Driver (585) 265-3840
Anderson, Zachary Spry Middle School Teacher (585) 265-6500 Zach_Anderson
Ange, Steven Building & Grounds Plumber (585) 216-0311 Steve_Ange
Anne, Cathleen Webster Thomas HS Teacher (585) 670-8000 Cathleen_Anne
Anson, Kylene Willink Middle School Assistant Principal (585) 670-1042 Kylene_Anson
Anthony, Katherine DeWitt Road Elementary Occupational Therapist (585) 671-0710 katherine_anthony
Apostolou, John Transportation Bus Driver (585) 265-3840
Arcarese, Dawn Transportation Bus Driver (585) 265-3840
Arcuri, Bill Webster Schroeder HS Senior Network Technician (585) 670-5261 bill_arcuri
Armstrong, Colleen District Offices Co-Director of Special Education (585) 216-0035 Colleen_Armstrong
Armstrong, John (Noble) Spry Middle School Teacher (585) 265-6500 Noble_Armstrong
Augino, Marilyn Willink Middle School Cook Manager (585) 670-1054 Marilyn_Augino
Avgerakis, Karen Webster Schroeder HS Health Aide (585) 670-5000 Karen_Avgerakis
Ayash, Kim Willink Middle School, Webster Schroeder HS Teacher (585) 670-1030, 670-5000 Kim_Ayash
Aylward, Kelly District Offices Benefits Specialist (585) 216-0072 Kelly_Aylward
Babineau, Lisa State Road Elementary School Psychologist (585) 217-5309 Lisa_Babineau
Baccanti, Laura Webster Schroeder HS Food Service Helper (585) 670-5000
Badger, Michelle Schlegel Road Elementary Teacher (585) 265-2500 Michelle_Badger
Baehr, James Spry Middle School Principal (585) 216-0052 James_Baehr
Bagdonas, Krystina Webster Thomas HS Food Service Helper (585) 670-8000
Baier, Jeffrey Webster Thomas HS Teacher (585) 671-8000 jeff_baier
Bailey, Sonja Webster Schroeder HS Teacher (585) 670-5000 Sonja_Bailey
Baker, Jean Klem North Elementary Building Secretary (585) 872-1770 jean_baker
Baker, Julie District Offices Receptionist (585) 216-0000 Julie_Baker
Next >>       Viewing 1 - 50 of 1571 results

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