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WCSD Infinite Campus Parent and Student Portal

**The Parent/Student Portal is now Open!

Student Accounts have been reset (click here for student login directions) but parents/guardians will use the same login as previous years if they have already activated an account.

Parents and students will be required to set security preferences by choosing a series of pictures, you need to only remember 4 of the likes and 4 of the dislikes. Click Here for picture directions.

You may also need to change your password to a strong password.  This change will allow you to click a link found on the login page to request your password or username if you forget them.

Welcome to the WCSD Infinite Campus Portal for Parents and Students information website. Click here to enter IC Portal

Download the new IC App available for smartphones. Support for these apps is through Infinite Campus.  Click here for directions, activation code and support information. 

If you need your activation key, encounter any problems logging on, or have other questions regarding the portal for parents and students, please let us know by e-mailing and describing the question or problem.  Requests are responded to in 4-5 days due to high volume and the new School Year beginning with lots of questions!    Thank you for your understanding!

Once you have your 32-Digit Activation Code - Click Here for directions on how to activate a parent/guardian account.

  • Our student information system, Infinite Campus, provides students and parents with an online portal into student information. This is a secure, password protected, web based program that will be available to all parents who have internet access. You will only be able to view your own child's information. 
  • Elementary (Grades K-5):  Parents will be able to view attendance and report cards for each of your elementary children, as well as contact information on file.
  • Secondary (Grades 6-12):  You will be able to view the daily schedule (available during the school year) for each of your students, contact information, and 10-week report cards. All of our teachers are now utilizing a feature called Gradebook. This allows parents to also be able to see student grades on homework, tests, quizzes, and/or projects.
  • Secondary Students (Grades 6-12): Throughout the fall semester, secondary students will also be able to activate their own account through the portal feature.  This will allow them to monitor their grades, including 5-week and 10-week reports.

Parent and Student Campus Portal Log-ins

New Parent Portal Users: Activate your account by clicking here. (You must already have your 32-digit activation code.)

Returning IC Parent Portal users click here.

New and Returning Student Portal users click here.

District employees with access to Infinite Campus(IC) do not need an activation code; click on Returning IC Portal users click here.  Sign on using your IC username and password to gain access to your students' records.

Click here to view a 3-minute video that walks you through how to activate your account.


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